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serge 1

A twilled cloth of worsted or worsted and wool, often used for suits.

[Middle English sarge, from Old French, from Vulgar Latin *sārica, from Latin sērica (vestis), silken (clothing), feminine of sēricus, silken, from Greek sērikos, of the Seres, silken, from Sēres, a people of eastern Asia, perhaps China.]

serge 2

tr.v. serged, serg·ing, serg·es
To overcast (the raw edges of a fabric) to prevent unraveling.

[Back formation from serging, type of overcast stitch, from serge.]

serg′er n.


the method of overcasting the edges of a piece of fabric to prevent fraying
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For example, serging a rolled edge is an easy and fast hemming method.
In addition to serging seams, use the 4-thread overlock stitch for other construction techniques, such as gathering or making turned tubes for belt loops or straps.
The nine congressmen of Cebu have filed a bill in the House of Representatives to rename one of the two bridges spanning the sea between Cebu and Mactan after Serging Osmena.