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n. Music
1. Serial compositions.
2. The theory or composition of serial music.

se′ri·al·ist n.
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1. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a writer of serials
2. (Philosophy) an advocate of any serial theory; a proponent of serialism
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In chapter eight, Wierzbicki addresses the historical position of modernist composers of the era, arguing, "despite a long-lived mythology that says otherwise, serialist composers, or modernists of any sort, were not at all in the majority during American's 1950s and '60s ...
Moreover, in case of serialist sub-dimension of Deep-LS the content was presented in sequentially ordered chunks with enough details using illustrations and examples.
They do not display the complexity of rhythm, serialist techniques, or extremes of tessitura of Dessau's settings of Georg Mauer (Siebenundzwanzig Lieder aus dem Dreistrophenkalendar), neither do they explore the angularity and harshness of his settings of Pablo Neruda.
A graduate in humanities studies from the University of Lubumbashi, Baloji is a serialist, adept at using his lens to portray episodic events taking place mainly in his native DR Congo, while also examining the country's colonial past and interpreting its complex aftermath from the perspective of its people today.
1: Differences between managers and designers Characteristic Managers Designers Aims Long term Short term Profits/return Product/service quality Survival Growth Reform Prestige Organizational durability Career building Focus People Systems Things Environment Education Accountancy Grafts Art Visual Engineering Geometric Verbal Numerical Thinking style Serialist Linear Holist Lateral Analysis Synthesis Problem oriented Solution led Behavior Pessimistic Optimistic Adaptive Innovative Culture Conformity Diversity Cautious Experimental Source: [22] Tab.
Hurel is a prominent figure in French contemporary music, whose inventive work encompasses spectralist techniques, serialist polyphonic structures and the driving rhythms of jazz.
Measures of additional thinking styles, such as the holist versus serialist distinction (Pask, 1972; Pask & Scott, 1972) could supplement the Gregorc Style Delineator's measure of abstract versus concrete thinking.
Like Madrid, Argentine scholar Omar Corrado received the Casa de las Americas prize, in his case, in 2008 for his book on Latin America's first serialist, Juan Carlos Paz, whose works Copland essentially dismissed as too cerebral ("tiring") after his State Department-sponsored cultural diplomacy tour of Latin America in 1941, the height of the Good Neighbor period.
44 (1953), Swiss serialist Istvan Zelenka's 1958 Trio, the Trio "Hommage a Brahms" by Gyorgi Ligeti (1982), John Harbison's Twilight Music (1984), and, from the twenty-first century, Trygve Madsen's Trio, op.
Scholars unsympathetic to both Trotskyism and serialist innovations might see a parallel in their rates: two lost causes emerging in the 1920s and exhausted by the 1950s.