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1. Of, forming, or arranged in a series.
a. Published or produced in installments, as a novel or television drama.
b. Relating to such publication or production.
3. Relating to or engaging in a series of similar acts or behaviors: serial arson; a serial procrastinator.
4. Music Relating to or based on a row of tones, especially the 12 pitches of the chromatic scale.
5. Computers
a. Of or relating to the sequential transmission of all the bits of a byte over one wire: a serial port; a serial printer.
b. Of or relating to the sequential performance of multiple operations: serial processing.
A work of entertainment, as in film or literature, published or produced in installments that usually contain a narrative thread or overarching theme; a series.

se′ri·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.serially - in a serial manner; "serially composed music"
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[ˈsɪərɪəlɪ] ADVen serie
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adv publish, broadcastin Fortsetzungen; (= in order) numberfortlaufend; (Mus, Comput) → seriell
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The Author is quite aware of the defects of this little story, many of which were unavoidable, as it first appeared serially. But, as Uncle Alec's experiment was intended to amuse the young folks, rather than suggest educational improvements for the consideration of the elders, she trusts that these shortcomings will be overlooked by the friends of the Eight Cousins, and she will try to make amends in a second volume, which shall attempt to show The Rose in Bloom.
The papers collected here under the name of 'My Literary Passions' were printed serially in a periodical of such vast circulation that they might well have been supposed to have found there all the acceptance that could be reasonably hoped for them.
An instrument is a "measure" of a set of stimuli which are serially ordered when its responses, in all cases where they are relevantly different, are arranged in a series in the same order.
Within the next ten years he produced his other important novels, of which the best are 'Pendennis,' 'Henry Esmond,' and 'The Newcomes,' and also his charming essays (first delivered as lectures) on the eighteenth century in England, namely 'English Humorists,' and 'The Four Georges.' All his novels except 'Henry Esmond' were published serially, and he generally delayed composing each instalment until the latest possible moment, working reluctantly except under the stress of immediate compulsion.
It was a tale told serially by Cloke in the barn, or his wife in the dairy, the last chapters reserved for the kitchen o' nights by the big fire, when the two had been half the day exploring about the house, where old Iggulden, of the blue smock, cackled and chuckled to see them.
"Using a Keysight ICT module with dual-lane conveyors, manufacturers also can choose to run multiple ICT tests serially. We are confident of providing one of the most versatile lines to help the end users balance their automated solutions."
Earnest said the Iranians have "almost serially" violated international concerns about the country's ballistic missile program.
But the much greater problems are weak domestic growth, a rising real effective exchange rate and serially low inflation.'
Data can be serially exported with an optional serial communication feature.
Under the contract, Russian Helicopters will supply Mi-8AMT, Mi-171E and other serially produced models to Kazakhstan's Ministry of Emergency Situations in 2015.
LORD STEEL ON February 7, 2013 Brian Reade stated that David Steel, as he then was, had known of allegations that Cyril Smith was serially abusing boys, but had done nothing about it.

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