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 (sîr′ē-āt′, -ĭt)
Arranged or occurring in a series or in rows.

se′ri·ate′ly adv.
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forming a series
ˈseriately adv
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(ˈsɪər i ɪt, -ˌeɪt)

arranged or occurring in one or more series.
se′ri•ate•ly, adv.
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The locular envelope is about 0.3 mm thick and 6-10 seriate, consisting mainly of periclinal fibers (Fig.
At the walk, co-chair Dolores Meehan urged participants to contact their state legislators to oppose a California Seriate measure that would require every state college and university student health center to stock the abortifacient RU-486; the legislation is on a fast track to passage.
Seriate controls of such markers in the first 4 weeks after surgery fairly indicate a primary implant suspected infection as the study of the temporal trend may help in discriminating between infection and postoperative inflammatory phase [14].
Mass monitoring through seriate echocardiogram is an additional clinical tool of great importance for the assessment of prognosis and the degree of success in interventions aiming at the regression of LVH.
Unquestionably, lower animals like birds can "subitize", apparently counting well into the double digits, but Piaget insists that this cardination ability does not get synthesized with the capacity to seriate before "conservation" status is achieved in human children at about 7 years and with it true number emerges for the first time in nature.
The clinopyroxenes of these rocks are uralitized and plagioclases altered into seriate (Fig.
Andamanese on the other hand have unspecialised craniometrics, as shown by how they cluster with geographically distant Sub-Saharan Africans, and seriate adjacently to the central bloc of recent human crania (consisting of Caucasoids, Amerindians, and populations from Japan and China to Taiwan and parts of the Pacific).
purpurea were 4-10 seriate. Ray frequency varied from 2 to 20 rays per mm (Table 4).
Number the ordinals of odd points at seriate each [RLS.sub.No1~NoX+y] by consecutive natural numbers which begin with 1, namely from left to right each odd point at seriate each [RLS.sub.No1~NoX+y] is marked with from small to great a natural number [greater than or equal to]1 in the proper order, where y [greater than or equal to]0.
The fact is that we can seriate it starting in the 1300s, with the king of Benin, who brought peace after war.