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A print made by the silk-screen process.

[Latin sēricum, silk, neuter of sēricus, silken; see serge1 + -graph.]

se·rig′ra·pher (sə-rĭg′rə-fər) n.
se·rig′ra·phy (-fē) n.


(ˈsɛrɪˌɡræf; -ˌɡrɑːf)
(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a colour print made by an adaptation of the silk-screen process
[C19: from seri-, from Latin sēricum silk + -graph]
serigraphy n


(ˈsɛr ɪˌgræf, -ˌgrɑf)

a print made by the silkscreen process.
[1885–90; seri- < Greek sḗr silkworm + -i- + -graph]
se•rig•ra•pher (sɪˈrɪg rə fər) n.
se•rig′ra•phy, n.
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Noun1.serigraph - a print made using a stencil process in which an image or design is superimposed on a very fine mesh screen and printing ink is squeegeed onto the printing surface through the area of the screen that is not covered by the stencil
print - a picture or design printed from an engraving


[ˈsɛrɪˌgræf] nserigrafia (stampa)
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Major price reduction Fabulous collection of original one of a kind Fine Art from 40 American and European Artists known Nationally and Inter-nationality, 500 one of a kind Water Colors, 500 Original Graphics composing of Original Lithographs, Serigraphs, and Intaglios,500 engravings, 5000 Production oil Paintings, 800 Frames in various sizes all showcased in a new Studio in the most affluent city in Southwest Florida.
Artiana has been founded by Lavesh Jagasia, an art connoisseur, collector and consultant, who runs the Dubai-based art consultancy, The Fine Art Advisory, and art publishing company, The Serigraph Studio, which collaborates with leading South Asian artists to create high-quality serigraphs of their works.
A spokesman for Jeff Mitchum Galleries said: "Recognised as a creative contemporary artist, Hopkins' art exhibition will showcase limited edition serigraphs and original acrylics on canvas.
Patterson is author of "Norma Bassett Hall: Catalogue Raisonn of Block Prints and Serigraphs.
Tousands of her prints and serigraphs on Jerusalem landscapes and biblical subjects have been sold throughout the world.
Accompanied by vibrant serigraphs, this volume combines Anatolian legends with the life stories and poems of popular folk poets.
Botanical Serigraphs is the first compilation of the entire series of flora prints and writings created by Gene Bauer in the 1970s.
But thanks to such experiences, I ventured into serigraphs which are authenticated copies of a work of art created through the elaborate process of silk screen printing," said Jagasia.
Bruce's work, and giclees and serigraphs made from them at a reception from 4 to 7 p.
Sister Corita (1918-86) ran the art department at Immaculate Heart College and gained international fame during the 1960s for her serigraphs reflecting her spirituality, commitment to social justice, hope for peace, and delight in the world.
Now, some of them are going to be released as serigraphs, including posthumous serigraphs from his older paintings that were chosen personally by Eyvind to be printed in the future.
Two of the directions in which Simpson has moved more recently are multiple-projection video installations and large, felt-paneled serigraphs.