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Adj.1.seriocomical - mixing the serious with the comic with comic predominating; "a seriocomic novel"
humorous, humourous - full of or characterized by humor; "humorous stories"; "humorous cartoons"; "in a humorous vein"
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Este segundo indice verifica-se igualmente impreciso e incoerente: os nomes "Horneras", "Horatius", "Lucianus" e "Vergilius" nao estao em conformidade com os textos da colectanea, onde ocorrem como "Homer", "Horace", "Lucian" e "Vergil"; a expressao "seriocomical literature", como listada no indice, surge nas paginas 32 e 36 sob a forma "serio-comical literature"; figuram ainda neste indice geral as entradas "paradox of action", "of method", "of reason", mas por algum motivo esta em falta o "paradox of knowledge", que se le nas paginas 82 e 97.
Both went to school, which proved Seriocomical -Kids yelled with laughter, and Teachers with wrath.
Why do you not consider my satire on you fellows seriocomical? See, you're the one who is defining reality, not I.