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The Russian girl looked after Madame Stahl, and besides that, she was, as Kitty observed, on friendly terms with all the invalids who were seriously ill, and there were many of them at the springs, and looked after them in the most natural way.
One may believe that the captain's wrath was increased to its highest point, and must have made him seriously ill.
Only the day before she had received a telegram announcing that one of her sisters was seriously ill.
She had never been admitted before to be seriously ill.
It is to be exercised with regard to a certain visitor brought here by my nephew, a visitor whom I regret to say is now lying seriously ill.
He had fallen seriously ill, and his illness precluded his appearance in society, and even at business, for over a month.
The young lady is not seriously ill, and I am a doctor.
He turned round anew, firmly convinced that he was seriously ill.
I am seriously ill," he muttered to himself with scientific insight.
I asked Miss Tita if the old lady were seriously ill, and she replied that she was only very tired--she had lived so very, very long.
This naturally led to some pleasant chat about sciatica, fevers, chills, lung diseases, and bronchitis; and Harris said how very awkward it would be if one of us were taken seriously ill in the night, seeing how far away we were from a doctor.
A man so distinguished as my Lord cannot be taken seriously ill without medical attendance.