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will dance a good deal, sing a good deal, make love, but sermonize
Without having to lecture or 'sermonize,' the mere sight of all those attractions made viewers long for them-and to clean up their own environmental act to help make their own communities clean and green.
America Invades does not sermonize or make judgments; readers are left to decide for themselves, based on the facts, which military interventions were justified and which were not.
It's a safe bet that the rabbis at one of the country's most politically progressive synagogues will sermonize about social justice, the stagnant Israeli-Palestinian peace process, or the upcoming presidential election: After all, this is a congregation that hung an anti-torture banner in the sanctuary during the Bush Administration.
The clergy in turn used the confessions as material to sermonize against, which had the paradoxical effect of advertising the very ideas they supposedly wanted to eradicate.
Kale, but Madonna sings it would be wise if father would cease to sermonize. Author: Zoran Radisavljevic