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n. pl. se·rol·o·gies
1. The science that deals with the properties and reactions of serums, especially blood serum.
2. The characteristics of a disease or organism shown by study of blood serums: the serology of acquired immune deficiency syndrome; the serology of mammals.

se′ro·log′ic (sîr′ə-lŏj′ĭk), se′ro·log′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.
se′ro·log′i·cal·ly adv.
se·rol′o·gist n.
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Adj.1.serologic - of or relating to serology
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, serological
a. serológico-a, rel. a un suero;
___ testprueba ___.
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serologic, serological

adj serológico
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The reemerging epidemic illustrated the need for epidemiologic investigations of the serologic prevalence and geographic range of hemorrhagic fever viruses, as well as development of novel serologic assays for their detection and surveillance.
The results of genetic, phylogenetic, and serologic data analysis on both the father and son and the hypothesis for how the boy became infected are published in a study in AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, a peer-reviewed journal from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers.
Symptomatic patients with serologic levels of immunoglobulin A anti-tissue transglutaminase (IgA anti-tTG) or immunoglobulin G anti-deamidated gliadin peptide antibody (IgG anti-DGP) greater than 10 times the upper limits of normal--especially if they also are positive for endomysial antibodies (EMA) and human leukocyte antigen DQ2 (HLA-DQ2 or HLA-DQ8)--may not need an intestinal biopsy to confirm the diagnosis of celiac disease (strength of recommendation [SOR]: B, inconsistent or limited-quality cohort studies).
Hemogram, biochemical and serologic tests were ordered to determine the presence of CCHF, Lyme disease, tularemia or Q fever.
In May 2012, a serologic and risk-factor survey of residents and staff was performed to assess the prevalence of and associations with infection.
However, there is currently no recommendation for postvaccination serologic testing to ensure protection, and records may no longer be available for some people who did have such testing earlier in their careers.
Although medically unexplained symptoms are common in these patients, most who complain of "chronic" Lyme disease have no evidence of ever having had the disease, based on history or serologic tests, he said.
The serologic responses in 12 captive adult thick-billed parrots after a series of three initial WNV vaccine injections with annual boosters over 6 yr was evaluated.
Serologic testing revealed that about one in every three children living in high-risk areas of England was infected with 2009 H1N1 influenza during the first wave of infections--10 times more than estimated based on clinical surveillance.
Results from recent serologic studies have suggested that seasonal influenza vaccines are unlikely to provide substantial cross-protection against infection with the pandemic H1N1 virus.
The secondary objective of the trial will be to obtain preliminary efficacy data related to serologic and virologic markers, including viral load measurements before and after treatment with the Hemopurifier(TM).
However, to confirm this second varicella episode before reporting this case, we invited the nurse to take serologic tests for varicella antibody on 4 April 2005.