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25) Small studies in select patient populations have suggested that additional provision of CMV seronegativity may be unnecessary.
had a "huge" penis, and had described himself as "clean," an unfortunately common euphemism for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) seronegativity.
Immunocompetent status of our patient was supported by normal CD4 count, CD4:CD8 ratio, normal serum immunoglobulin levels, euglycemic status, repeated HIV seronegativity, and the absence of other opportunistic infections.
12), found the following as risk factors related to the presence of early PTLD: age under 20 years, non-Hispanic white race and seronegativity for EBV and cytomegalovirus (CMV) at the time of transplantation; and for late PTLD, age under 20 years and over 50, and Hispanic race.
However, the seropositive percentage found here was higher, while the seronegativity percentage for both herpesviruses was lower (13%) than that reported by Pedraza et al, 2011 (26%).
Women who were not pregnant, had no history of pelvic radiation, hysterectomy, or prior treatment for cervical cancer and reported seronegativity for HIV were asked to participate in this research project.
Seronegativity was determined by using a neutralization assay (online Technical Appendix, http://wwwnc.
12) The most prevalent mutation in the precore region (G1896A) creates a TAG stop codon that abolishes the synthesis of HBeAg; thus, the dominance of this mutation could easily account for HBeAg seronegativity.
The low sensitivity of the two-tier tests (about 30% in early Lyme disease and 50% in late Lyme disease) and the significant seronegativity of Lyme patients (as many as 30010 to 50% of cases) suggests that more sensitive T cell-based laboratory tests should also be developed.