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a. serosanguíneo-a, de naturaleza serosa y sanguínea.
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A leakage of serosanguineous fluid from draines and metabolic acidosis were noted.
The observed petechial hemorrhage on the serous membranes along with serosanguineous fluids in the thoracic and abdominal cavities were indicative of septicemic changes.
Thoracentesis was performed for evacuation with output of serosanguineous fluid with the following analytical data: glucose 97 mg/dL, LDH 179 UI/L, erythrocytes 571,100/[micro]L, leukocytes 11,620/ [micro]L (3% polymorphonuclear, 97% mononuclear), proteins 5.
Pleural fluid is grossly white, milky, and opalescent but may be serous or serosanguineous when patients are fasting.
They frequently present with serous or serosanguineous nipple discharge and, less commonly, a palpable mass.
Serosanguineous fluid noted within the envelope as seen on MRI and CT (red arrow).
Three days after surgery, the horse showed a serosanguineous collection above the abdominal wound and a moderate purulent discharge from the skin incision that were managed with daily manual massage and local disinfection.
Clinical examination showed multiple channels connecting the ulcerated skin with the subcutis and extended from the right scapula to the right thorax that drained serosanguineous secretion (Figure 1A).
The wound continued to break down over the next 2 weeks, with copious amounts of foul purulent exudate and a moderate amount of serosanguineous drainage.
While the patient was anesthetized, pericardiocentesis was performed by sonographic guidance, and 4 mL serosanguineous fluid was removed.
A chest tube was placed in the right pleural space, and 550 mL of serosanguineous fluid was drained during the initial 24 hours.
5] The sampled fluid (usually serosanguineous or haemorrhagic exudate) is unlikely to contain diagnostic cytological material.