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 (sĕr′yə-lĭt, -lāt′, sĕr′ə-) also ser·ru·lat·ed (-lā′tĭd)
Having very small sawlike projections on the margin: a serrulate leaf.

[New Latin serrulātus, from Latin serrula, diminutive of serra, saw.]
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(ˈsɛrʊˌleɪt; -lɪt) or


(Botany) (esp of leaves) minutely serrate
[C18: from New Latin serrulātus, from Latin serrula diminutive of serra a saw]
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Adj.1.serrulate - minutely serrated
rough - of the margin of a leaf shape; having the edge cut or fringed or scalloped
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- Leaf margin serrulate or obtusely serrate and without spins.........................................................................
Plants within the family have been characterized as species which constitute tufts or have pendulous strands; stems are differentiated in a creeping leafless primary stem and an erect or pendent secondary stem: leaves vary in size and form, from ovate leaves with acute apex and plane margins to acuminate with serrulate margins.
Leaves are opposite or in whorls of 3, blades lanceolate to oblong and densely pubescent, rounded and then cuneate at the base, and crenate-serrate or closely serrulate on the margins except near the leafbase [106].
Leaves needlelike, crowded and spreading at ends of twigs, remaining attached for 2 years, in fascicles of 3-5, mostly 15-25cm long, 1.5mm broad or less, rigid serrulate, dark or yellowish-green, slightly shiny, with stomata in whitish lines on all surfaces.
Mandibles asymmetrical, pointed apically, approximately 1.8 times as long as basal width, anterior margin serrulate; right one (Fig.
Planta perennis, subcaulescens, caespitosa; rosula densa, hemisphaerica; folds numerosis (65)100-230, coriaceo-crassiusculis, flexuosis, linearibus, 13.5-55(60) cm longis, 1-1.2(1.5) cm latis, basi deltoidea, superficie nitida, margine serrulate, spina terminad rigida, conico-subulata, 4-6.5 mm longa; inflorescentia spiciformis, 150-245 cm longa, spica 35-75 cm longa, floribus geminatis, corolla tubulari-campanulata, 22-2.1 cm longa, viridi vel viridi-luteola, saepe ex porphyreo viridi; ovario viridi, 6-8 mm longo, perianthii tubo 8-13 mm longo, sulcato, segmentis ovato-oblongis, 7-11 mm longis, 3-4.5 mm latis; capsula ovoideo-ellipsoidalis, 1.5-1.7 cm longa, 1-1.2 cm diametro, breviter apiculata.
All, however, share a characteristic serrulate margin with 8 to 15 (to 21) teeth per cm of leaf margin; the teeth are simple (one order of teeth present), regularly spaced, and possibly glandular.
Hind femora with a weakly serrrulate dorsal carina, and in most species also a faintly serrulate outer ventral carina.
First Maxilla (Figure 2c): Coxal endite with 2 long serrulate setae and 1 short simple seta; basal endite with 2 strong serrulate setae distally and 1-2 sub-distally; endopod short, unsegmented with 2 setae.
Fore tibiae distally tridentate and proximally serrulate at outer margin; upper side smooth.