serum disease

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Noun1.serum disease - a delayed allergic reaction to the injection of an antiserum caused by an antibody reaction to an antigen in the donor serum
allergic reaction, allergy - hypersensitivity reaction to a particular allergen; symptoms can vary greatly in intensity
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Complement levels (C3, C4, CH50) and evaluation of immune complexes support the diagnosis of serum disease, but a negative test does not exclude the diagnosis (2).
Gell and Coombs classification of drug allergies (6) Type Mechanism Example Type 1 IgE antibodies mast cell/ Penicilin- basophil degranulation anaphylaxis Type 2 IgG against cell surface/ IgM-mediated cytotoxic reaction Quinidine- hemolytic anemia Type 3 Immune complex Cephalexin- storage reaction serum disease Type 4 Delayed type Neomycine- cell-mediated reaction contact dermatitis Table 4.
4 52fF Africa 3 Summer 4a(a) 10 22fF Southeast Asia 6 Spring-summer 10(a) 11 2iff Southeast Asia 4 Summer-autumn lla 12 25fF Southeast Asia 3 Summer-autumn 12(a) 13 26/M Southeast Asia 3 Summer-autumn 13(a) 14 22/M South America 6 Summer-autumn 14(a) 18 21/M Southeast Asia 12 Spring-summer 18(a) Serum Disease Results number status IgM IgG 4 4a(a) Asymptomatic Negative 40 10 Negative 640 10(a) Symptomatic Negative Negative 11 +/- Pos.