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 (sûr′vəl, sər-văl′)
A long-legged African wildcat (Leptailurus serval), having a tawny coat with black spots and very large erect ears without tufts.

[French, from Portuguese (lobo) cerval, deerlike (wolf), lynx, from Late Latin cervālis, from Latin cervus, deer; see ker- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -vals or -val
(Animals) a slender feline mammal, Felis serval, of the African bush, having an orange-brown coat with black spots, large ears, and long legs
[C18: via French from Late Latin cervālis staglike, from Latin cervus a stag]


(ˈsɜr vəl)

n., pl. -vals, (esp. collectively) -val.
a long-limbed, nocturnal African cat, Felis serval, about the size of a bobcat, having a tawny coat spotted with black.
[1765–75; < New Latin < Portuguese (lobo) cerval lynx, literally, staglike (wolf) < Late Latin cervālis deerlike]
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Noun1.serval - slender long-legged African wildcat having large untufted ears and tawny black-spotted coatserval - slender long-legged African wildcat having large untufted ears and tawny black-spotted coat
Felis, genus Felis - type genus of the Felidae: true cats and most wildcats
wildcat - any small or medium-sized cat resembling the domestic cat and living in the wild
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Estimation of surfaces: - ccac: 4,570 m 2 , - chantilly: 33,651 m 2 , - serval chapel: 8,822 m 2 , - lamorlaye: 34 275 m 2 , - plailly: 10 828 m 2 , - orry-la-ville: 7,573 m 2 , - ccas of lamorlaye: 2,100 m 2 , - coye-la-foret: 13,489 m 2 , - mortefontaine: 1 470 m 2 , - vineuil-saint-firmin: 4,345 m 2 .
Les rebelles touaregs et les djihadistes avaient occupe le Nord-Mali, soit les deux tiers du territoire national, de mars 2012 a janvier 2013, avant d'en etre chasses par les forces francaises du Serval, aujourd'hui Barkhane, les forces maliennes et africaines.
It was said she was tired after helping with night feeds for a serval kitten and may have left open a metal "slide" meant to keep the tiger in its den area.
William Harris, from Brighouse, applied to Calderdale Council in May 2018 for a dangerous wild animal licence to keep a serval. He said the animal, which is normally found in Africa and can grow up to 2ft tall and weigh up to 40lb, would be kept at a purpose built enclosure at his sister's home in Southowram, near Halifax.
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Oldham and Rochdale councils confirmed they had each issued such licences concerning two animals, a serval cat and a dwarf caiman crocodile.