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Noun1.service agency - a business that makes its facilities available to others for a feeservice agency - a business that makes its facilities available to others for a fee; achieves economy of scale
agency - a business that serves other businesses
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Tenders are invited for acpa should result in a contract covering the accompaniment of the Civic Service Agency in developing its communications strategy and its implementation (Strategic consulting, design and implementation of a communication device and media non-media, support for press relations, digital eco-system communication strategy of the Civic Service Agency, including the consolidation of the presence of civic service on social networks, hosting, maintenance and development of the service platform -civique.
But where Symons, 39, and Rogers, 40, found help adopting their two sons might be the most controversial part of their story--the social service agency of the Roman Catholic Church.
Throughout the labour dispute, CUPE highlighted the low-wages paid to community-based social service agency staff and the damage to the social safety net due to unstable and inadequate provincial funding to the sector.
What we see in it is a very accessible opportunity for new teachers to come together with other new teachers in a learning environment where the curriculum is really targeted to their needs," says Gene Silverman, assistant director of the department of curriculum, instruction and technology at Nassau BOCES, a Long Island regional service agency.
If so, they refer the individuals to the senior citizens police advocate, who refers them to a social service agency that can help them.
The investment in the expertise of a social service agency, over the long term, will benefit the property manager who does not have the resources to cope with the specific needs of the elderly.
6402(c); the taxpayer's only recourse is to sue the state social service agency that claimed the refund.
Of concern in generalizing the results of this study to other populations, including the population of all American Indians with disabilities in the Denver-metro area, is the fact that the survey population was not randomly selected, but a volunteer population obtained primarily through the networks of interviewers, and through Indian health and social service agency referrals.
By 1975, administrators across the country developed four other types of victim assistance programs: A nonprofit victim service agency in New York City, a county office-based victim/witness program in Palm Beach County, Florida: a victim assistance program sponsored and staffed by the Fresno County, California, Probation Department; and a police-based crisis intervention program at both the Indianapolis, Indiana, and the Rochester, New York, Police Departments.

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