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Noun1.service cutback - the act of reducing service
cutback - a reduction in quantity or rate
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It added that, "in line with the service cutback, the paper will cut 142 jobs -- about 40 percent of its overall staff."
As the deadline for returning self assessment forms passed, the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) said the Government could be 'storing up trouble' by slashing 10,000 revenue jobs as part of a huge civil service cutback.
So when they warn that health service cutback plans could put 2000 young lives at risk every year, it's time to sit up and listen.
Members will also be asked to approve plans for a review by the local authority and Awen Cultural Trust which is likely to result in service cutbacks.
Planned service cutbacks at could give private web brokers, including Health Sherpa L.L.C., a shot at increasing their share of whatever public health insurance exchange market continues to exist.
the Name and address supplied ten A poor service IT'S disappointing to read the comments from Merseytravel relating to their bus service cutbacks. Merely saying people can walk further or wait for connecting bus services for hospital visits defies the point of operating subsidised services.
"It's a zero sum game--budgetary holes will need to be made up in some other fashion, like higher income taxes, higher transit fares, service cutbacks, etc.
Service cutbacks by Greyhound Canada in northwestern Ontario have opened up an opportunity for a a new bus company in Thunder Bay.
In the absence of major employers - especially with public service cutbacks - and with little significant infrastructure, then visitors and tourists account for around half of this area's annual income, and agriculture the rest - with both mainly earning in the spring/summer only!
"In times of austerity and massive service cutbacks, we are still paying out net invoices of PS126 million a year to Service Birmingham and half of that goes direct to Capita PLC and 28 of its associated companies.
The city for years has been spending more money than it takes in, causing recurring structural deficits, and now the lack of planning for the last several years is catching up to the city and may require painful medicine, like layoffs, service cutbacks, and a tax increase.

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