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Noun1.service department - the division of a business that provides customer servicesservice department - the division of a business that provides customer services
business department - a division of a business firm
2.service department - a repair shop where cars and trucks are serviced and repaired
fix-it shop, repair shop - a shop specializing in repairs and maintenance
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Duson died virtually whilst accepting pay from if not actually in the employ of our Secret Service Department.
Fentolin has once again become an object of some suspicion to the head of our Secret Service Department.
The general finished by informing him that Evgenie's uncle was head of one of the civil service departments, and rich, very rich, and a gourmand.
Yet often the prospect of allocating service department costs can lead to feelings of frustration or dread in accounting practitioners and students.
com)-- Dick Dyer Toyota has set out to reward its loyal Service Department customers, namely the female ones.
New Delhi, Nov 5 (ANI): Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh on Saturday backed Devendra Dutt Mishra, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) in the Uttar Pradesh Fire Service Department, who hit out at state Chief Minister Mayawati and her government over their involvement in various corrupt activities.
Foreign Minister Ednan Karabaev on Monday held a working meeting, where he summarized the findings of the comprehensive examination of work of the Consular Service Department of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reported press service of the Foreign Ministry.
Pioneer Ford in Lynden recently expanded its service department by appointing a service manager and two service consultants.
The agent argued that a service department only includes general and administrative departments that incurred only general and administrative expenses.
The National Service Department has played a key role in the TAP and DTAP programs since they were established to meet the needs of separating service members.
At NEXGEN, a lot of product knowledge can be found in the service department, which works directly with customers and with the NEXGEN network of dealers to provide solutions and answer technical questions.
Children and Family Service Department officials referred calls to the County Counsel's Office, which did not respond to requests for comment.

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