service stripe

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service stripe

1. A stripe worn on an enlisted person's sleeve to indicate a specific term of military service.
2. A stripe worn on the sleeve of the uniform of a bus driver, for example, to indicate years of seniority.

serv′ice stripe`

a stripe on the sleeve of a military uniform indicating the wearer's length of active service.
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Noun1.service stripe - an insignia worn to indicate years of serviceservice stripe - an insignia worn to indicate years of service
insignia - a badge worn to show official position
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He wore a good service stripe upon his cheek, for on one side it was pitted and scarred where a spurt of gravel knocked up by a round-shot had struck him thirty years before, when he served in the Lancaster gun-battery.
South Elgin rallied to go ahead with Richardson firing a pair of aces from the service stripe. The Hawks briefly regained the lead, 7-6, before the Storm went on a 4-0 run to go ahead for good.
Just three sites met every requirement on Dashlane's checklist: web host GoDaddy, payments service Stripe and accounting software QuickBooks.

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