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1. Ready for service; usable: serviceable equipment.
2. Able to give long service; durable: a heavy, serviceable fabric.

ser′vice·a·bil′i·ty, ser′vice·a·ble·ness n.
ser′vice·a·bly adv.
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Noun1.serviceability - the quality of being able to provide good service
usefulness, utility - the quality of being of practical use
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n (= durability)Strapazierfähigkeit f; (= practicality)Zweckmäßigkeit f; (= usability)Brauchbarkeit f
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The question which of these occurs is not of any importance for the theoretic serviceability of the characteristic in question.
He also informed that serviceability of the fleet is at par with other fleets.
The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) last week proposed scrapping a rule, which would provide greater flexibility to lenders to set their own serviceability floors.
The compact design benefits gives ease of integration into existing generating set designs, and brings with it upgraded Automatic Voltage Regulator options plus an overall design package that offers improved field serviceability, he added.
Connected2Fiber empowers network operators to create, standardize, enhance and share location serviceability, accelerating leads through the funnel, and unleashing growth.
The limit was introduced in 2014 as part of measures to reduce higher-risk lending, but has in practice already been replaced with tighter lending standards - especially on serviceability, restrictions on interest-only loans, and improved risk controls - which should curb the pace at which investor loans are made available by banks.
The concrete slab track serviceability review of a railway bridge deck end is classified as rotation and vertical displacement to deformation of the superstructure caused by various loading conditions.
FMD's new prover design includes enhanced performance features as well ease of serviceability, cementing FMD's position as the leader in Unidirectional Captive Displacement Provers.
Services and support such as call-home and remote monitoring as well as scalability and serviceability are already widely available for customers who demand them.
Focusing on the requirements of small- to medium-sized enterprise offices, the Nokia IP350 and IP380 offer a single rack unit system with greatly improved VPN, firewall, and intrusion protection performance, as well as increased ease of serviceability.
All of the GP7000F models run the Solaris 7 operating system and provide levels of reliability, availability and serviceability normally only available through corporate mainframe systems according to Fujitsu.