1. A person who is a member of the armed forces.
2. also service person A person whose work is the maintenance and repair of equipment.
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Not a single American serviceperson needs to be stationed in Israel.
Monitoring Noise On-Body and In-ear for Serviceperson Exposures (MNOISE)
An Army Air Corps serviceperson fromAsh Valewill be joining the Tower of London as its latest Yeoman Warder - or "Beefeater" - recruit.
Payment can't be made to the veteran or serviceperson.
Benefits paid to a spouse who resigned to relocate with an active-duty military serviceperson who received an order of permanent change of station will not be charged against the experience rating of an employer from whom an employee leaves to relocate; however, benefits paid will be recouped as a social charge to all employers.
These disciplinary proceedings, which are heard by that serviceperson's commanding officer, could lead to a sentence with 'true penal consequences,' such as incarceration, demotion, a large fine, or a reprimand.
Through externalization observation and best practices captured by a serviceperson are shared with other members of military organizations.
(114) Although PCs are paid a considerable daily stipend, their proponents argue that the aggregate costs of PCs are considerably less than the costs of a military serviceperson. (115) Proponents reason that the government only pays PCs when they require services, and that PCs carry no additional training costs or benefits packages.
First, and most obvious, no state can force a serviceperson to pay a revenue-building tax unless he is deemed to be a resident or domiciliary thereof.
What may be common, everyday chatter for the serviceperson may be disturbing to the family.
Any serviceperson who wants a military career needs to have served in the infantry to be eligible for promotion above a certain level.

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