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 (sûr′vəl, -vīl′)
1. Abjectly submissive; slavish.
a. Of or suitable to a slave or servant.
b. Of or relating to servitude or forced labor.

[Middle English, from Latin servīlis, from servus, slave.]

ser′vile·ly adv.
ser′vile·ness, ser·vil′i·ty (sər-vĭl′ĭ-tē) n.
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Adv.1.servilely - in an obsequious manner; "she acts obsequiously toward her boss"
بصورةٍ ذليلَه، بِطاعَةٍ شَديدَه
köle gibi


[ˈsɜːvaɪllɪ] adv (pej) → servilmente


(ˈsəːvail) adjective
excessively obedient or respectful. servile obedience/flattery.
ˈservilely adverb
serˈvility (-ˈvi-) noun
References in classic literature ?
For which reason flatterers are in repute in both these: the demagogue in the democracy, for he is the proper flatterer of the people; among tyrants, he who will servilely adapt himself to their humours; for this is the business of
Whether those holy lords I spoke of were always promoted to that rank upon account of their knowledge in religious matters, and the sanctity of their lives; had never been compliers with the times, while they were common priests; or slavish prostitute chaplains to some nobleman, whose opinions they continued servilely to follow, after they were admitted into that assembly?
Yes, but I had only the credit of servilely copying such sentences as I was ashamed to put my name to.
The order was obeyed promptly, though not servilely, the members of the crowd nodding familiarly to the members of the procession as it passed.
So saying, and quite indifferent to the astonishment his presence occasioned, he crept in, shut the door, kissed his greasy glove as servilely as if it were the dust, and made a most abject bow.
Katherina servilely bends to the will of her new 'lord', 'king', and 'governor' (138), as she praises him for sacrifices he never made and risks he never took.
For what concerns him are precisely those parables which do not he servilely at the feet of doctrine.
For three decades, Europe, servilely imitating the OIC, has effectively created for itself a major problem that is eating away and destroying it.
The Bishop was there to provide, and they repaid him with such complete and blind devotion that it would have been unwise for any authority to pit himself against such a popular and revered leader so sure of being servilely obeyed.