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Noun1.serving girl - a girl who is a servantserving girl - a girl who is a servant    
servant, retainer - a person working in the service of another (especially in the household)
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It was like a family because a lot of us had been there for a long time with the longest serving girl being there for nine years.
He has been maybe a little bit too helpful towards Demelza Corn the serving girl of late.
Made by Mary Pickersgill, her daughter, two nieces, and an African American serving girl, the new flag was thirty feet wide and forty-two feet long.
Some relief was provided by the singers, including Claire Booth as serving girl Pakati, Robin Tritschler as Ananda the man she loves and David Stout as Buddha.
In the Saturday primetime programme, Angel's character, commoner serving girl Gwen, ends up marrying Prince Arthur and eventually becoming Queen Guinevere.
Peter, the one who was frightened by a young serving girl into denying that he even knew Jesus, openly defies the divinely constituted religious leaders of his own faith, the men whom everyone regarded as God's representatives, who spoke with God's voice and authority.
Inspired by the fifteenth-century text "The Book of Margery Kempe" (which happens to be the first known autobiography written in English), The Book of the Maidservant follows Johanna, a serving girl in attendance to medieval holy woman Dame Margery Kempe.
In addition to Roscuro and Despereaux, there's a third story line involving a serving girl (Tracey Ullman) who believes she's really a princess.
When Griet (Scarlett Johansson) becomes a serving girl in the house of Jan Vermeer (Colin Firth), the young peasant and her employer discover she has an unusual aptitude and passion for color, composition, and perhaps painting.
The 18th Century building, a former hunting lodge of the dukes of Northumberland, has a long history of creepy happenings, and is supposedly haunted by the spirit of a serving girl called Emma.
THE story is a four-part story about a dear serving girl, a rat and a mouse all in one book.
And you'll meet Miggery Sow, a serving girl, described as not the sharpest knife in the drawer, whose very own father sold her for a chicken and a red tablecloth.