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1. An opening between two rooms, especially a shelved space between a kitchen and dining room that is used for passing food.
2. A route through which something is permitted to pass.
3. A financial security collateralized by a portfolio of mortgages or other loans, the income from which is passed through an intermediary before being distributed to investors in fixed payments. Also called pass-through security.
4. The policy, practice, or act of paying for an increased cost by raising the price charged to one's customers or clients. Also called pass-along.

pass′-through′ adj.


US a hatch, esp one for passing food from the kitchen to the dining room


or pass′through`,

1. a windowlike opening, as one for passing food or dishes between a kitchen and a dining area.
2. a place through which one passes or is obliged to pass.
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Noun1.pass-through - an opening that resembles a window between two rooms (especially a shelved opening between a kitchen and dining room that is used to pass dishes)
opening - a vacant or unobstructed space that is man-made; "they left a small opening for the cat at the bottom of the door"
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The spacious dining room, also has bay window to the front, picture rails and a serving hatch through to the kitchen.
The lounge includes an attractive fireplace and the dining room has a serving hatch to the kitchen-utility where there is an integrated fridge, and dishwasher, a double oven and gas hob, and a Worcester boiler.
these are predominantly electrically assisted shutters with some manual shutters, continental style window grilles and internal serving hatch shutters, either hand or electronically operated (those that operate in conjunction with the activation of fire alarms are not included within these works)
It comes with various stock, two freezers and a serving hatch.
It provides access to both the sun room and dining room, the former having a door to the rear garden, while the latter includes a serving hatch to the kitchen, which has ample units, a four-ring gas hob, extractor, double oven and dishwasher.
A serving hatch to the kitchen makes it easy to get dishes direct from the kitchen to the table.
There is a door though to the snug, which has its own separate serving hatch.
However, the committee believed that the condition in place - which states that sales of the refreshments will take place through the serving hatch or night pay window of the premises - would appropriately address the reasons for those concerns.
A CHICKEN that was hurled through the serving hatch of a drive-through McDonald's has been rehomed by an RSPCA inspector and renamed Nugget.
We've even created an upstairs smoking area which has a serving hatch to make it as much a part of the pub as we can, so no-one feels excluded or on the outside.
It followed club owner Brian Potter, who is confined to a wheelchair after an accident with a serving hatch.