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A motor that controls the action of the mechanical device in a servomechanism.

[French servomoteur : Latin servus, slave + French moteur, motor (from Old French, from Latin mōtor, that which sets in motion; see motor).]


(Electrical Engineering) any motor that supplies power to a servomechanism
[C19: from French servo-moteur, from Latin servus slave + French moteur motor]


(ˈsɜr voʊˌmoʊ tər)

a motor or the like forming part of a servomechanism.
[1885–90; < French servo-moteur < Latin serv(us) slave + French -o- -o- + moteur motor]
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SELF-CONTAINED SERVO-HYDRAULICS: Company sources at the show were particularly excited about the new 100% self-contained hydraulic axis (SHA), consisting of a servomotor, pump, small pressurized oil reservoir, all valving, and a four-area hydraulic cylinder.
servomotor are determined through the relation (6).
The jacquard machine in case of the VSi32 is driven by a servomotor eliminating the need for a mechanical connection between the weaving machine and the jacquard.
In applications where precision and reliability is key, such as robotic servomotor control and machine tool applications, the LN Series offers the key characteristics required within these and similar applications.
Unison says that the servomotors that control the motion only consume any significant amount of energy when performing a bend.
Recent introductions include four new series of all-electric machines, which feature Sumitomo's advanced direct-drive servomotor technology for plasticizing, injection, clamping, and ejection.
To provide the computer musician with most of the gestural freedom of a bow on a violin string, cable and servomotor systems attached to the bow provide 4 degrees of freedom.
B&H Labeling Systems has introduced the Marathon series of roll-fed labelers with SMARTdrive[TM], an advanced digital, multi-axis servomotor control.
The servomotor is governed by a microprocessor, which mathematically calculates the squareness for the cutoff setting.
Servomotor operation results in precise control at rates up to 100 per minute.