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A motor that controls the action of the mechanical device in a servomechanism.

[French servomoteur : Latin servus, slave + French moteur, motor (from Old French, from Latin mōtor, that which sets in motion; see motor).]
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(Electrical Engineering) any motor that supplies power to a servomechanism
[C19: from French servo-moteur, from Latin servus slave + French moteur motor]
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(ˈsɜr voʊˌmoʊ tər)

a motor or the like forming part of a servomechanism.
[1885–90; < French servo-moteur < Latin serv(us) slave + French -o- -o- + moteur motor]
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FGR burners need to be used in conjunction with electronic cam control of both the combustion air/fuel ratio via separate servomotors and a further separate servomotor to control the flow of the re-circulated flue gas.
POSITAL's new family of kit encoders enable the self-contained magnetic rotary encoding technology used in the company's stand-alone rotary position sensors to be integrated within servomotors, drivetrains, and other machinery.
1FK7 Generation II servomotors offer three inertia versions: standard, high-dynamic for rapid acceleration jobs, and high-inertia for maximum smooth running.
* DIRECT SERVO DRIVE: The newest addition to the company's Sytronix SVP servomotor drives for hydraulic pumps is the model MS2N, which is directly coupled to the pump--which Bosch Rexroth says is unusual for servomotors.
To further improve weaving efficiency both edges on the side of the fabric are controlled by 2 servomotors each with programmable weave structure.
In most of the applications, in electrical drive systems, permanent magnet servomotors with high energy are used [3], [18].
Generation II Simotics 1FK7 servomotors are highly configurable to suit a variety of applications.
Unison says that the servomotors that control the motion only consume any significant amount of energy when performing a bend.
All axes derive their precise control through the use of closed-loop DC servomotors employing high-resolution encoders for positioning feedback.
A service is offered for the company's line of 1FK7 servomotors. Using a configurable options menu to build exactly the motor required, customers can now place an order for any 1FK7 servomotor and have it drop-shipped in three weeks.
Has an arc shape design, servomotors, and steel platform.