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Noun1.sesquipedalia - a very long word (a foot and a half long)
polysyllabic word, polysyllable - a word of more than three syllables
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(16.) Cotton Mather famously mocked the extraordinary length of Massachusett words (as transcribed and translated by Eliot), dubbing them "Sesquipedalia Verba [foot-and-a-half-long words]." Translating a word such as "Nummatchekodtantamooonganunnonash" with "our Lusts" Mather quips "one would think, they had been growin [sic], ever since Babel, unto the Dimensions to which they are now extended.
While this is very much a case of Horace's sesquipedalia verba (words a foot and a half long), as far as the creative use of English goes these days, it seems loquacity is not the problem; rather, it is the use of sloppy construction, euphemism, and loathsome phrasing that one would cross the road to avoid if they were people.
Scholar in the World, they are Sesquipedalia Verba, which their Linguo is