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a. A meeting of a legislative or judicial body for the purpose of transacting business.
b. A series of such meetings.
c. The term or duration of time that is taken by such a series of meetings.
2. The part of a year or of a day during which a school holds classes.
3. A period of time devoted to a specific activity: a recording session at a music studio; a login session that was disrupted by a power outage.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin sessiō, sessiōn-, act of sitting, from sessus, past participle of sedēre, to sit; see sed- in Indo-European roots.]

ses′sion·al adj.
ses′sion·al·ly adv.
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[ˈseʃənl] ADJ [exam] → de fin de curso
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The project will renew old estates, optimize land use, improve the aesthetic appeal of houses and provide basic amenities in accordance with the Sessional Paper 1 of 2018 on Urban Regeneration Policy.
Delivering his sessional address at the First Ordinary Meeting of the assembly at Atebubu, the MCE said he made the request during a day's working visit to the municipality by the Inspector General of Police, Mr.
But Prof Magoha said there is no crisis because the sessional paper on curriculum reforms is before Parliament.
But there have been some interesting and novel items that have made it into Sessional Paper collections over the years.
While, after natural rain area people also started to caultivate their sessional crop for talking benfit of rain water.
Many of Active Stirling's previous apprentices still work for them in jobs such as gymnastics coordinator, gym instructor and sessional coaches.
| CALLUM Corkhill, 17, from Killingworth, and Lewis James, 17, from Morpeth, have been awarded sessional coaching contracts with the Newcastle United Foundation after graduating from their Coach the Coach Course.
Embassy Public Affairs Section here Tuesday said that the inter sessional meeting, hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, covered a broad range of trade and investment-related issues, including expanded market access for Pakistani goods in the United States, business-to-business ties, intellectual property, and
In the Australian University context, the use of casual (sessional) teaching staff is common (Coates et al., 2009; Percy et al., 2008; Ryan, Burgess, Connell, & Groen, 2013), with statistics suggesting that over half of all university teaching in Australia is undertaken by casual staff (Australian Government Department of Education & Training, 2016).
A dedicated water sports development off-icer, as well as sessional coaches and instructors, will work with the marina to offer a range of sports and activities at the new centre, and in the wider local area, over the next three years.
Power intend to apply for planning permission for change of use from retail to Sessional Montessori (88m2) at ground floor level and associated changes to elevation at 64 Churchwell Drive (corner of Belmayne Ave), Belmayne, Dublin 13.