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a. A meeting of a legislative or judicial body for the purpose of transacting business.
b. A series of such meetings.
c. The term or duration of time that is taken by such a series of meetings.
2. The part of a year or of a day during which a school holds classes.
3. A period of time devoted to a specific activity: a recording session at a music studio; a login session that was disrupted by a power outage.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin sessiō, sessiōn-, act of sitting, from sessus, past participle of sedēre, to sit; see sed- in Indo-European roots.]

ses′sion·al adj.
ses′sion·al·ly adv.


[ˈseʃənl] ADJ [exam] → de fin de curso
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The governor's pledges for the health sector and others are in the Mountain Cities Blueprint, which is the county's sessional paper and vision document.
CALLUM Corkhill, 17, from Killingworth, and Lewis James, 17, from Morpeth, have been awarded sessional coaching contracts with the Newcastle United Foundation after graduating from their Coach the Coach Course.
On May 18, a sessional order was adopted which outlines the sitting periods for the first session of the twenty-eighth legislature.
Embassy Public Affairs Section here Tuesday said that the inter sessional meeting, hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, covered a broad range of trade and investment-related issues, including expanded market access for Pakistani goods in the United States, business-to-business ties, intellectual property, and
2008) suggest, supervising academic staff members "have the responsibility of assuring the quality of teaching in their programs with large numbers of sessional teachers" (p.
A dedicated water sports development off-icer, as well as sessional coaches and instructors, will work with the marina to offer a range of sports and activities at the new centre, and in the wider local area, over the next three years.
Power intend to apply for planning permission for change of use from retail to Sessional Montessori (88m2) at ground floor level and associated changes to elevation at 64 Churchwell Drive (corner of Belmayne Ave), Belmayne, Dublin 13.
Simpson, who was a family doctor himself for 30 years, has carried out research into recruitment which revealed 92 unfilled GP vacancies and 68 sessional GP vacancies in Scotland.
We also offer full wraparound care for working parents as well as sessional care and after school club/holiday club.
The sessional talks and poster presentations covered the spectrum, from analytical to organic chemistry.
The local districts covered by the order include: The area comprised of the city of Liverpool, the county boroughs of Birkenhead, Bootle and Wallasey, the urban district of Ellesmere Port and Whitby, and the petty sessional division of Wirral, in the County of Chester, and the petty sessional division of Southport, Birkdale, Ormskirk and Prescot, in the County of Lancaster.
Overheads include room hire, transport, insurance and sessional fees for artists.