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An injectable drug containing an isotope of the radioactive element technetium, used in nuclear medicine imaging primarily to visualize the heart muscle, parathyroid glands, and breast tissue.

[sesta-, perhaps alteration (influenced by Latin sex, six) of hexakis-, prefix indicating six in chemical names (from the six ligands bound to its central technetium ion ) + m(ethoxy)i(so)b(utyl)i(sonitrile).]
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99m]Tc sestamibi scans and are hypoechoic on ultrasound.
Various non-invasive imaging tools for localising PHPT are available, however, Technetium (TC-99m) sestamibi is the most authentic and widely used modality.
Keywords: Adenosine, Fixed perfusion defect, Mild coronary artery disease, Myocardial perfusion, Reversible perfusion defect, Sestamibi, Scintigraphy.
Dual phase tomographic imaging was performed following the IV injection of 740 MBq 99m Tc SestaMibi (Figure 2).
During assessment by sestamibi scan, there was an uptake in upper of right mediastinum.
Preimplant examination comprised assessment of left ventricle systolic function with Simpson's method of echocardiography examination, assessment of myocardial perfusion with Technetium (Tc) 99M Sestamibi scanning, assessment of heart failure biomarker, and assessment of functional status with NYHA classification and standard six-minute walk test.
Radionuclide parathyroid imaging using technetium sestamibi scan revealed slow washout in the right mid thyroid region (Figure 3) and computed tomography (CT) scan of the neck without contrast revealed a soft tissue mass posterior to mid pole of the right thyroid lobe (Figure 4) both favoring a diagnosis of adenoma of the right inferior parathyroid gland.
Relationship between sestamibi uptake, parathyroid hormone assay, and nuclear morphology in primary hyperparathyroidism.
ANSTO s Arvind Parmer and his colleagues have used the radiopharmaceutical technetium (99mTc) sestamibi, which acts as a marker, to investigate drug clearance and toxicity.
Her sestamibi scan showed presence of parathyroid adenoma (Fig.
Thallium-201, and technetium-99m radiolabelled lipophilic compounds such as sestamibi and tetrofosmin--most commonly used for MPI SPECT.