set ablaze

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Verb1.set ablaze - set fire to; cause to start burning; "Lightening set fire to the forest"
combust, burn - cause to burn or combust; "The sun burned off the fog"; "We combust coal and other fossil fuels"
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In half an hour the last warning came: "Light up; the thermometer registers twenty-nine." The smudge-pot artillery was set ablaze, and kept blazing until the news came that the icy forces had retreated.
The smoke from the fire at times neglected the clay chimney and wreathed into the room, and this flimsy chimney of clay and sticks made end- less threats to set ablaze the whole establishment.
Summary: Sitapur (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Aug 22 (ANI): A woman allegedly suffered 60 per cent burn injuries after she was set ablaze for refusing to marry a local goon.
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 21 (KUNA) -- Indonesian authorities were hunting for more than 250 inmates who escaped a Papua prison set ablaze during violent riots, Police announced Wednesday.
Two suspected thieves believed to be part of a gang that has been terrorising residents of Egerton in Njoro, Nakuru County, have been lynched.The two were set ablaze on Sunday morning by a mob after a failed burglary attempt.
The Bahrainis, aged 21 and 24, are said to have set ablaze a tent belonging to Ali Saleh Abdullah, who was running for a seat in the Muharraq Municipal Council's constituency six, which covers Dair and Samaheej.
Some people set ablaze a heap of garbage and the fire spread due to winds which soon engulfed nearby houses.
Some accused set ablaze standing wheat crop over 24 acres of their rival farmer Arshad Ali over old enmity in village Ludhey-Daska here.
According to the report in the area of Police Station Kacha Khuh, a citizen named Nazar set ablaze his wife, Mureedan Bibi along with four children, Rehan, Amreen, Nimra, Shazia and a guest girl Safia due to the domestic dispute, after locking them in a room and fled the scene.
According to the report, a person Nazar set ablaze his wife Mureedan Bibi along with four children - Rehan, Amreen, Nimra, Shazia - and a guest girl Safia over a domestic dispute in the area of police station Kacha Khuh.
IANS Thrissur, Kerala A 22-year-old engineering student died on Thursday near here after she was set ablaze by a man, said to be her friend, police said.
A political family in Migori county have said their lives are in danger after arsonists set ablaze two vehicles on Saturday night.