set afire

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Verb1.set afire - set fire to; cause to start burning; "Lightening set fire to the forest"
combust, burn - cause to burn or combust; "The sun burned off the fog"; "We combust coal and other fossil fuels"
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He was still silent but began at once to erect a heap of dry sticks which he presently set afire.
The small grey eyes blinked, the lips moved, with greed; greed was the ruling passion; and though there was some good nature, some genuine kindliness, a true human touch, in the old toper, his greed was now so set afire by hope, that all other traits of character lay dormant.
The Lord above knows what the compromising consequences would be to numbers of people, if some of our documents were seized or destroyed; and they might be, at any time, you know, for who can say that Paris is not set afire to-day, or sacked to-morrow
Protesting the accident, the students set afire to the bus and damaged another bus coming from Lahore.
Expressing resentment over the negligence of the government, the tribals set afire a railway jeep and damaged another on Saturday night.
Patna: Rampaging Maoists raided a railway station, kidnapped two railways' staff and set afire a mobile tower in Bihar and Jharkhand late Tuesday night as part of the 24-hour shutdown called to protest the ongoing operation against them by the security forces.
The Environment Ministry's Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation was also set afire.
Unidentified armed men stormed a concrete batching plant in Barangay Tres de Mayo here on Sunday and set afire several pieces of heavy equipment.
In April, the Judiciary said 48 of those arrested after the embassy was set afire in January would face trial.
According to reports passengers were asked by unknown to come out of buses in Buffer Zone, Lee Market and Landhi areas of the city before they were set afire.
They also set afire the dry grass inside the airbase complex.
Houses were set afire and Ehsan Jafri was dragged out, hacked and burnt to death.