set shot

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set′ shot`

a two-handed shot in basketball made from a standing position.
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Noun1.set shot - a two-handed basketball shot from a stationary positionset shot - a two-handed basketball shot from a stationary position
basketball shot - throwing the basketball toward the hoop; "his shot hit the rim and bounced out"
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Part one of the set shot by in a flash as you'd expect, when one of the all-time great Pop albums was played in full.
Even the one image in the sample set shot at ISO 25600 looks clean and required no noise reduction in Lightroom.
He learned how he had mastered a "set shot" at the age of fifteen at a basketball camp run by "Easy" Ed Macauley of St.
could be set shot dramatic " He added: "Edinburgh has ancient character and that marvellous ston a little differently - anthony which seems to suck up light in such a fantastic way.
It is generally agreed that field kicking and handballing accuracy (i.e., passing), and defensive pressure have all improved and according to Gray and Jenkins (2010), data collected through global positioning systems technology and video analysis has shown Australian football is getting faster, yet according to Champion data Statistician Karl Jackson (personal communication, April 30, 2012); set shot goal kicking accuracy has declined over the last 12 years by 1.4 percent.
His defenders would get closer and he'd push his set shot farther and farther behind the arc, accepting the challenge of their dares as he swished one after another.
That could be a reason why the filmmaker and Varun are seen posing in front of a vintage car in the firstreleased on- set shot.
Markey said, "and once he got on a roll, brother, get out of his way because he was going to drive or he was going to score with that set shot. He was a powerful force.''
Manchester kept in contention themselves, however, even though Robbie Wilson scored for Huddersfield and Young Rams ruckman Robert Yates was overjoyed to grab himself a Grand Final goal when he put one over from a set shot 30m.
He can nail a long range set shot or come off screens for his accurate midrange jumpers.
While competing for Saginaw High, he set shot put, broadjump, and high-jump records at the school.