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Verb1.set to music - write (music) for (a text)
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
compose, write - write music; "Beethoven composed nine symphonies"
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Here the poet improvised, whilst Ming Huang himself wrote down the verses that he afterwards set to music, and accompanied while the poet sang.
An opera is a play set to music, but this opera was never set to music, and never sung or acted.
Then, from above him, voice after voice took up the words, and from tree to tree echoed the music of the unseen choir, as the boys sang with all their hearts the little song that Jo had written, Laurie set to music, and the Professor trained his lads to give with the best effect.
It was as if it had never been written, or set to music, but sprung out of passion within her; which found imperfect utterance in the low sounds of her voice, and crouched again when all was still.
And as for the words, there surely be no difference words between words which are and which are not set to music; both will conform to the same laws, and these have been already determined by us?
Nor did the burden of this performance bear any reference to love, or war, or wine, or loyalty, or any other, the standard topics of song, but to a subject not often set to music or generally known in ballads; the words being these:--'The worthy magistrate, after remarking that the prisoner would find some difficulty in persuading a jury to believe his tale, committed him to take his trial at the approaching sessions; and directed the customary recognisances to be entered into for the pros-e-cu-tion.'
Or, in similar words to some that was set to music some time back: "I wish you to see it with your eyes, And I will pledge with mine."'
set to music on the new system, for them to sing the while; this very Fern--I see him now--touched that hat of his, and said, "I humbly ask your pardon, my lady, but AN'T I something different from a great girl?" I expected it, of course; who can expect anything but insolence and ingratitude from that class of people!
Also featured on the bill is Lila York's Breathless, an upbeat piece set to music by rock 'n roll star Jerry Lee Lewis.
One of them came in the Galtres Stakes when the Queen's Set To Music hacked up, improving by 11lb on RPR figures.
Significantly, Ratmansky received the offer to take over the Bolshoi from fire Russian minister of culture, Mikhail Shvydkoi, and the general director of the Bolshoi Theatre, Anatoly Iksanov, last spring, when he was creating his first full-length work for the company, The Bright Stream, set to music by Shostakovich.
Wheeldon's Mesmerics, set to music by Philip Glass, played on the steely attack and sharp, shooting limbs of former English National Ballet dancer Oxsana Panchenko.