set-in sleeve

set´-in sleeve`

    (sĕt´ĭn slēv`)
n.1.A sleeve joined to the body of a garment by a seam starting at the edge of the shoulder and continuing around the armhole. Contrasted to a raglan sleeve.
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Can I find a set-in sleeve pattern that's comfortable yet still neat and tailored?
Next, assess the ill-fitting set-in sleeve to determine if it needs additional height at the sleeve cap, or width across the upper arm, or both.
Draglines that pull horizontally across the full upper arm of a set-in sleeve usually indicate that more sleeve width is needed.
Use these same adjustments to adjust a two-piece set-in sleeve and a back seam set-in sleeve, working from the shoulder dot to place the adjustments in the correct location.
To alter a set-in sleeve, cut out the sleeve pattern and measure across the bicep, factoring in at least 1" of ease per the previous instructions.
Traditional set-in sleeves need to sit close to the armscye, making it difficult to ease in a sleeve large enough to accommodate the full arm.
Learn the simple steps to transform a basic set-in sleeve pattern into a tulip sleeve to add a charming touch to a top or dress.
Blouse pattern with set-in sleeve (such as Butterick 5988)
Rather than sleeves that include gathers, here are styles and options for a set-in sleeve.