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n. pl. se·tae (-tē)
1. A stiff hair, bristle, or bristlelike process or part on an organism, especially an invertebrate.
2. The stalk of a moss or liverwort capsule.

[Latin saeta, sēta, bristle.]

se′tal (sēt′l) adj.
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n, pl -tae (-tiː)
1. (Biology) (in invertebrates and some plants) any bristle or bristle-like appendage
2. (Botany) (in mosses) the stalk of the sporophyte that bears the capsule
[C18: from Latin]
setaceous adj
seˈtaceously adv
ˈsetal adj
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(ˈsi tə)

n., pl. -tae (-tē).
a stiff hair; bristle or bristlelike part.
[1785–95; < Latin sēta, saeta bristle]
se′tal, adj.
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Noun1.seta - stalk of a moss capsule
podetium - an organ or body resembling a stalk; especially the outgrowth of the thallus of certain lichens on which the ascocarp is borne
2.seta - a stiff hair or bristle
hair - a filamentous projection or process on an organism
chaeta - a stiff chitinous seta or bristle especially of an annelid worm
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