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So temporary was the setback that she scarcely paused ere hurling her assault from a new angle.
The duplicity of Ministers, the treachery of mankind, the insult to womanhood, the setback to civilization, the ruin of her life's work, the feelings of her father's daughter--all these topics were discussed in turn, and the office was littered with newspaper cuttings branded with the blue, if ambiguous, marks of her displeasure.
"It is but a temporary setback," said Challenger with conviction.
If a setback or challenge triggers a reaction such as "I can't", or "I'm bad at this", then this is an indication of a fixed mindset.
San Miguel encountered disappointing setbacks at the start, losing by 33 points to NorthPort followed by a 13-point setback to TNT KaTropa.
Setback requirements and a body of water on the site reducing the amount of buildable land are believed responsible for the failure of two previous sales contracts during their due diligence periods and a lack of qualified bids since, District 54 officials said.
A word of warning, though, O'Brien has openly admitted that Japan had a setback last month and insists that he will improve for the outing.
Potter also revealed skipper Leroy Fer has suffered a setback in his rehabilitation from injury.
Summary: Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], Jan 29 (ANI): Congress Rajya Sabha MP Pradeep Bhattacharya has said that the switchover of Mausam Nooron to TMC is not a setback for the party, as it does not depend on specific leaders but on party workers - who have not left the party.
Rojo made his first United appearance of the season last month when he impressed during a 2-2 draw with Arsenal at Old Trafford, but managed just another 78 minutes of senior football before being handed another setback last month.
Where appellants challenged a zoning board decision granting relief to property owners seeking to reduce the lot coverage of their nonconforming lot and to build stairs beyond a preexisting setback, the board's decision is vacated because inadequate public notice was given of the stairway plan.
Another setback was when a boil appeared on Oli's face, and she thought she needed to take antibiotics.