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a.1.(Bot.) Covered with bristles; having or bearing a seta or setæ; setiferous; as, setigerous glands; a setigerous segment of an annelid; specifically (Bot.), tipped with a bristle.
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7): Elongate, porrect, densely covered by very long and dense setigerous tubercles; anterior and posterior lobes separated by a deep transverse impression dorsally at level of eyes; preocular part about twice as long as postocular part; eye (Fig.
Seutellum: raised, slightly longer than wide, or wider than long or subequal, nearly equal to the length of claval commissure; disk with evident longitudinal median carina, and recumbent setigerous tubercles.
Insertion point of brown setae on setigerous tubercles; tubercles as small, glabrous protuberance, like brown spots seen with naked eye.
The setigerous region of region A is flattened dorsoventrally and bears only notopodia--except for setiger A9, which also has neuropodial uncini.
Inheritance of stolon development, rhizome development and setigerous lemmas in the Digitaria milanjiana complex, and its taxonomic significance.
Body size was determined by counting the number of setigerous segments and measuring body length with an ocular micrometer at 6.