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 (sĕt′ôf′, -ŏf′)
1. Something, such as a decoration, that sets off something else by contrast.
2. Something that offsets or compensates for something else; a counterbalance.
3. A counterclaim that reduces or discharges the amount owed to a claimant.
4. Architecture See setback.
5. Printing See offset.


(ˈsɛtˌɔf, -ˌɒf)

1. something that counterbalances or makes up for something else, as compensation for a loss.
2. a counterbalancing claim that cancels an amount a debtor owes.
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Noun1.setoff - structure where a wall or building narrows abruptly
structure, construction - a thing constructed; a complex entity constructed of many parts; "the structure consisted of a series of arches"; "she wore her hair in an amazing construction of whirls and ribbons"


References in classic literature ?
All that is very well," said Don Quixote; "but let the shoes and the blood-lettings stand as a setoff against the blows you have given him without any cause; for if he spoiled the leather of the shoes you paid for, you have damaged that of his body, and if the barber took blood from him when he was sick, you have drawn it when he was sound; so on that score he owes you nothing.
This will ensure that the input taxes receive setoff credits and there are no stranded costs.
Caution must be taken in exercising one's setoff rights so that there is no violation of the automatic stay provisions of the Bankruptcy Code.
On the verge of insolvency, the Esfahan Steel Company (ESCO) is seeking to lighten its debt burden by reaching a setoff agreement with the government, according to the company's manager, Ahmad Sadeqi.
Article 40 of the EBL provides for the setoff of mutual debts in determining whether the creditor owes money to the administrator or the administrator owes money to the creditor.
Schedules E and F (creditors holding unsecured priority claims and creditors holding unsecured non-priority claims) are now combined into one form, and inquiries regarding consideration for the claim and whether the claim is subject to setoff are eliminated.
New stops have been installed and services will make those stops their setoff point.
com/news/huge-dc-movie-news-update-braniac-justice-league-suicide-squad) Latino Review , the kryptonian beacon that Superman setoff in the movie "Man of Steel" was also heard by the villain and this attracts him to earth.
Banks jealously guard the common law right of setoff.
The issues about values, direction and setoff factors inherited by modern valleys relating to Neogene remained unresolved.
4) Setoff between one entry in the current account and another entry in the account itself may not be made.
Thankfully, a shot at redemption was available the next day as I setoff for another long run.