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 (sēt′n), Saint Elizabeth Ann Bayley Known as "Mother Seton." 1774-1821.
American religious leader. A widowed mother of five, she converted to Catholicism (1805), opened a parochial school in Maryland, and founded a religious order, the Sisters of Charity (1809). She was the first native-born American to be canonized (1975).


(Biography) Ernest Thompson. 1860–1946, US author and illustrator of animal books, born in England


(ˈsit n)

1. Saint Elizabeth Ann (Bayley) ( “Mother Seton” ), 1774–1821, U.S. religious leader: canonized 1975.
2. Ernest Thompson, 1860–1946, English writer and illustrator in the U.S.
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Noun1.Seton - United States religious leader who was the first person born in the United States to be canonized (1774-1821)
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Seton won't fail to show up, like your cousin Rachel Ward's beau," said Peter.
It was a hare- brained project, for these villages were noted for the ruffian character of their inhabitants; yet two volunteers promptly stepped forward; Alfred Seton, the clerk, and Joe de la Pierre, the cook.
I went to his room, and there was an envelope on the mantelpiece, and a letter with an address in Seton Street, off the Kennington Road.
I went to Seton Street," Aunt Celia continued firmly.
Decidedly, Sir Wingrave Seton was not an easy man to get on with.
Cutting setons slowly divide the sphincters leading to scarring with limited disruption of the muscular ring having a healing rate of 32.
The anal fistula plug poses a lower risk of postoperative impairment of sphincter muscle function and other postoperative complications than the cutting setons and transanal mucosal advancement flap.
By the beginning of the new century, both Setons had achieved literary recognition.
Grace Seton was not mentioned in the glowing review of the Setons' rustic paradise, but as the 1912 Good Housekeeping article made clear, she had with her own flair domesticated at least some of Wyn-dygoul's space.
The Setons began to experience business losses, bankruptcy, and tuberculosis which threatened William Magee's life in 1798.
The Setons and the McCulloughs come together every summer for a final two weeks at the Seton family summer home in New Hampshire.