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25 mm in length (n=3), strongly sclerotized, brown, shaft widest anteriorly, tridentate, middle tooth convex, appreciably shorter than lateral teeth; 4 lateral papillae on each side of spatula, 2 with setae, the other 2 asetose; three pairs of setose terminal papillae, all similar in length (Figure 13).
The females are further characterized by an elongate head with a gular bridge without a sclerotized median carina or a felted line, mandibles with one gland only, absence of labrum, bilobed clypeus with a median setose carina, pedicel without axial spines, third segment with three completely fused anelli and a short unsegmented acuminated projection, labiomaxillary complex with distinct stipes and galea, bacilliform process pointing backward, segmented labium, forewing closed costal cell, spurious veins and moderate pilosity, and a twelfth flagellomere.
Forewing either uniformly infuscate behind venation or with infuscated bands of various shapes and bearing darker setae; stigmal vein either with a thin or swollen stigma; postmarginal vein absent; submarginal vein with 1 seta; marginal vein with 3-4 setae; usually 1 seta present on stigmal vein and 1 at junction of parastigma and submarginal vein; disc sparsely or densely setose, or setae arranged in groups and/or tufts.
Cerci rather stout at base but gradually narrowed and little curved towards subparallel-sided, nearly cylindrical posterior area, towards apex more strongly curved, in apical area strongly setose and at tip provided with a small acute spinule (Figs 1G, 2F).
IF) densely setose along medial edge; and smaller subtriangular posterior article produced into long slender plectron (Fig.
The Minister said by capping catch at a conservative level, well within sustainability guidelines, there was flexibility to relax other rules, including: a reduction in the legal minimum carapace length from 77mm to 76mm, allowing commercial fishers to take large female lobsters, allowing commercial fishers to retain setose lobsters on a trial basis from July 1 to November 14 this year, following successful trials in previous years.
Mandible incisors present, well developed, symmetrical, convex, and smooth; right lacinia mobilis absent; accessory setal row without distal tuft of setae; molar as a setose tongue, with small triturative surface; palp present, mid-anteriorly attached.
In these two species groups, the clunial apophyses are of different nature: glabrous and sclerotized in the latter, and setose and not sclerotized in the former.
Genus Proan Haliday comprised of aphid parasitoids having wing venation with recurrent vein developed; interradial vein effaced, notaulices distinct throughout, lateral lobes of mesonotum setose (Raychaudhuri, 1990; Kavallieratos et al.
rigid and modified as gonopods in males but flexible, long, and setose in females) and the width of the abdomen (considerably wider in females than in males) (Rathbun 1925).