1. A start or beginning; an outset.
a. An arrangement or display.
b. An array of food, as on a buffet table; a spread.
3. An entertaining event, such as a party.
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References in classic literature ?
"I haven't a single finger bowl, but this is a setout that will last me all my days, Hannah says." And Meg looked quite contented, as well she might.
Half-body almost paralyzed,battling with addiction andpsychological problems,suffering from extremelow blood pressure andchronic ulcer - she hadendured the worst ordeal ofher life growing up.With several maladiesinflicting her body andmind, and medicaltreatment proving to befutile, she was on the vergeof giving up when herhusband suggested heryoga as a last resort.From there she setout on a journey into theunknown world of yoga,beginning with 18-dayretreat at Baba Ram Dev'sAshram.
The Lebanese leader noted that all preparations regarding hosting the summit have been completed, including the setout agenda for the summit, and reception to Arab leaders.
On the other hand, achiever players like to accomplis h their tasks by discovering facts and evidence and reach the goal by following the setout standard steps (Tuunanen & Hamari, 2012; Tondello et al., 2016).
IoT network is commonly setout on network with the characteristics of slow processing, limited memory and less power.
SAKHAKOT -- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sakhakot leadership setout camps in different localities to mobilizing people for 30th September Ehtesaab Raiwand March in Thursday.
In some instances, the residents weren't following setout guidelines, so the haulers weren't picking up the trash.
They hadmanaged to reach the garage of one of their uncles, and while Samaherstayed behind to keep track of what was being done to the car, he setout to find something to drink in one of the nearby shops.
Rather, the poems setout the hope, the feelings and the struggles of Blacks for inclusion inlife since God made all races to enjoy this earth.
In view of the reasons we have set out above we answer the question referred to us, as setout at the beginning of this Order, as follows.