setting hen

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Noun1.setting hen - a domestic hen ready to brood
biddy, hen - adult female chicken
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I am a real passenger now, and down there I felt like our setting hen when we shut her up in a coop.
So plans and priorities were adjusted to build two broody hen pens (Maternity Wards), one for each setting hen, allowing them a peaceful place for their 21day hypnotic trance.
To bring George to the point of acceding to her nonrationalist method of saving Cocoa, Miranda assigns him an appropriate test/quest: he must enter the maternal magic circle- the other place--of his own accord; he must then enter a more threatening maternal, domestic space--the henhouse--and search behind the nest of the fiercest setting hen; and finally, he must return, no matter how pecked and bloodied he is, to the other place to put into Miranda's hand whatever he has found behind the hen's nest.
Some of the formations are named for obvious reasons: Battleship Rock does indeed look like a massive--albeit rusty--ship mired in dry dock, and Setting Hen is a knockoff of a roosting fowl.
"I learned how to put my hand under a setting hen and come out without getting pecked," she says of a childhood spent collecting eggs.
In the dark days of the Depression, in the year 1933, my dad worked all day on a farm for one setting hen and 13 eggs.
Although the incubator is popular with people who are concerned about hens transmitting disease organisms to chicks, one university study came to the conclusion that the machine-incubated chicks are "socially deprived", since the baby birds missed communicating with the setting hen in the last two days before the hatch.
Our first setting hen experience turned out rather lukewarm as our proud Rhode Island Red hatched two frail chicks out of a dozen or so eggs.