settle up

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يَدْفَعُ الحِساب
gera upp, borga
hesabı ödemek

w>settle up

vi(be)zahlen; to settle up with somebody (lit, fig)mit jdm abrechnen
vt sep billbezahlen
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(ˈsetl) verb
1. to place in a position of rest or comfort. I settled myself in the armchair.
2. to come to rest. Dust had settled on the books.
3. to soothe. I gave him a pill to settle his nerves.
4. to go and live. Many Scots settled in New Zealand.
5. to reach a decision or agreement. Have you settled with the builders when they are to start work?; The dispute between management and employees is still not settled.
6. to pay (a bill).
ˈsettlement noun
1. an agreement. The two sides have at last reached a settlement.
2. a small community. a farming settlement.
ˈsettler noun
a person who settles in a country that is being newly populated. They were among the early settlers on the east coast of America.
settle down
1. to (cause to) become quiet, calm and peaceful. He waited for the audience to settle down before he spoke; She settled the baby down at last.
2. to make oneself comfortable. She settled (herself) down in the back of the car and went to sleep.
3. to begin to concentrate on something, eg work. He settled down to (do) his schoolwork.
settle in
to become used to and comfortable in new surroundings.
settle on
to agree about or decide.
settle up
to pay (a bill). He asked the waiter for the bill, and settled up.
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The pair put on 93 for the fifth wicket to settle UP's nerves.
Companies strapped for funds who simply can't wait 30 days or more for accounts to settle up. Because of their exorbitant fees, factors use to suffer from a serious image problem.
I am on the average bill plan with Duke Energy and there are yearly "settle ups." I recently had my monthly payment reduced by $25/month and I got a $316 check back because I didn't use as much energy as the year before.