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Noun1.settlement house - a center in an underprivileged area that provides community servicessettlement house - a center in an underprivileged area that provides community services
center, centre - a building dedicated to a particular activity; "they were raising money to build a new center for research"
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The Israeli Civil Administration on Thursday endorsed building new 250 settlement houses in the West Bank.
In a series of repeated attempts by the occupation authorities to show their desire to evacuate the settlement houses within the framework of its policies to deceive the world public opinion.
To develop SafetyNet, IBM collaborated with United Neighborhood Houses (UNH), an association of New York City settlement houses.
At her Goodman productions between 1932 and '52, the audience for each show comprised children from settlement houses.
They studied, worked in, and promoted social reform in settlement houses that offered service-minded college and seminary educated individuals a place in urban neighborhoods made up of rural populations and recently arrived immigrants.
The other 28 settlement houses will be built in the illegal Ramot settlement which is built on private Palestinian land between Jerusalem and Ramallah.
Tenders for nearly 1,500 new settlement houses and plans to advance some 1,800 others were issued in retaliation for the formation of a Palestinian unity government backed by Hamas and the international community.
The newly approved units are in addition to the more than 1,000 settlement houses that Israel approved on Sunday, in a move that drew criticism from the international community and angered Palestinians.
Topics include trade zone encounters in Karen Tei Yamashita's Tropic of Orange, contested landscapes of gentrification in the American inner city, settlement houses (independent living programs for youth who "age out" of foster care) as contact spaces in the city, the globalization of the National Basketball League, hip-hop culture as a medial contact space, and smashed windows in the film "Do the Right Thing" and the Battle of Seattle as challenges to the spatial order.
Marian's volunteer work in settlement houses convinced her that her life's vision to help the poor could best be realized through the Roman Catholic Church.
Luckily for modern-day pickle fans, not even bilingual cookbooks or cooking classes held in settlement houses could eradicate the power of the pickle.
When building restrictions were imposed last November, contractors were allowed to continue building settlement houses whose foundations had already been poured.