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also set·tler  (sĕt′lər)
n. Law
1. The creator of a trust.
2. A party to the settlement of a case or dispute.
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(Law) law a person who settles property on someone
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(ˈsɛt lər, ˈsɛt l ər)

n. Law.
a person who makes a settlement of property.
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Noun1.settlor - (law) a person who creates a trust by giving real or personal property in trust to a trustee for the benefit of a beneficiary; a person who gives such property is said to settle it on the trustee
bestower, conferrer, donor, giver, presenter - person who makes a gift of property
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
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Part IV concludes the Article by trying to tease out the lessons of the Israeli experience for the general viability of "shapeless" trust regimes, permitting, among other configurations, "settlor title retention trusts." The uptake is that despite the flaws of existing Chinese and Israeli legislation, as well as the many doctrinal difficulties created by those innovative trust models grating against established doctrine, which reflects the traditional trust model, both "shapeless trusts" and "settlor title retention trusts" could have their uses, particularly, perhaps, in making trusts more understandable and accessible for populations foreign to traditional Anglo-Saxon trust culture.
Using the jargon, a Settlor gives legal control of their assets to a Trustee for the benefit of a clearly defined Beneficiary.
Many, but certainly not all, dynasty trusts are structured as grantor trusts, where the settlor must report the trust income on his tax return and bear the tax burden.
A rift developed among the settlor's children; settlors amended her trust documents to remove defendant as trustee.
Decanting is a way of dealing with provisions in irrevocable trusts that no longer carry out the settlor's intent, are impractical to administer under changing circumstances, or would not be in a beneficiary's best interest, the MBA committee adds.
One of the first questions individuals ask about these trusts is: "what kind of protection will I have and from whom?" The Statute defines the term creditor as a "creditor or other claimant of the settlor existing when the trust is created; or a person who subsequently becomes a creditor ...
'In order for the 1MDB Foundation to operate normally, 1MDB as a Settlor needs to appoint two new trustees.
NGEx Resources Inc (STO:NGQ) (TSX:NGQ), a Canadian mineral exploration company with exploration projects in Chile and Argentina, announced on Friday the securing of a USD5m credit facility from Zebra Holdings and Investments S.a.r.l., Luxembourg (the lender), a company owned by a trust whose settlor was the late Adolf H.
* The trust cannot be subject to tax in the settlor's home state: Many states treat trusts as resident trusts if the grantor was a state resident when the trust was created regardless of where the trust is located.
plan--so-called "settlor functions") from the definition of
Tareen submitted the trust deed in the court in the last hearing regarding the 12 acre property he owns in the UK and according to it the trust owns 12 acres in UK and Tareen is a settlor of the trust through its company Shiny View limited and it was created in 2011 for a period of 150 years.
Thus, through the trust, the so-called settlor, who is the owner of an asset, transfers the property of that asset to a person or more, called trustee (s), with the intention that the asset is held in trust for the benefit of another person, called beneficiary.