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many-sided, multilateral - having many parts or sides
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To put things in context, PS5 today has a lower purchasing power than the 50p coin had at the time of its introduction in 1968, when the seven-sided coin replaced the last ten shilling paper note.
1969: New 50-pence coin sparks confusion The seven-sided 50p coin has come into circulation to replace the 10-shilling note - but it has received a mixed reception.
This week in history October 14, 1969: The seven-sided 50p coin comes into circulation to replace the 10-shilling note.
It was the world's first-ever seven-sided coin and the first piece of decimalised currency to hit Britain.
Crew members Bob Behnken and Nicholas Patrick installed two modules into the ISS - a hub that will house a toilet and exercise gear, and a seven-sided dome for the crew to view the earth.
Endeavour lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center on Monday with the connecting hub, named Tranquility, and a seven-sided viewing port, slated to be installed later this week.
1969: The new seven-sided 50p coin came into circulation, replacing the 10 shilling note.
Originally built in 1912, the seven-sided tower combines a rich pre-war history with contemporary sophisticated design and modern amenities.
The work's components were arranged in the gallery to resemble a study room, with a group of seven paintings lining the walls near a seven-sided wheel-shaped configuration of file cabinets and a circular worktable.
GERRIE says: The seven-sided coin that came into circulation in 1969 was a replacement for the 10 shilling note and was commonly referred to as a "10 bob bit".