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Noun1.sevener - the cardinal number that is the sum of six and onesevener - the cardinal number that is the sum of six and one
digit, figure - one of the elements that collectively form a system of numeration; "0 and 1 are digits"
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The contestants who are still in the competition are: Kim Cherry (Team Blake), Carter Lloyd Horne (Team Blake), Maelyn Jarmon (Team Legend), Gyth Rigdon (Team Blake), Dexter Roberts (Team Blake), Andrew Sevener (Team Blake), Shawn Sounds (Team Legend), and Rod Stokes (Team Kelly).
Those who made the cut were Maelyn Jarmon and Shawn Sounds from John Legend's team, Dexter Roberts, Gyth Rigdon, Carter Lloyd Horne, Andrew Sevener and Kim Cherry from Blake Shelton's team and Rod Stokes from Clarkson's team.
Robert Sevener, global lead for Michelin general aviation tyres, said, 'The Michelin Pilot offers state-of-the-art features for piston and turbo-prop applications, and reflects Michelin's proven history of developing ultra-high-performance tyres.
Most SD research approaches are intended to assist in understanding how consumer interpret the appearance, the use, semantic and semiotic of a product in regards to its primary characteristics (Krippendorff, 2006; Llinares & Page, 2007; Sevener, 2003).
(101) Whether Twelver or Sevener, Shi'i writers use this designation to express the idea that Muhammad's special qualities were transmitted to his progeny through contact with his mantle.
My conker, having notched up another victory, would become a "fiver", "sixer" or "sevener".
Sevener is technical and development manager, NICL Laboratories; and Dennis Winsten is president, Dennis Winsten & Associates Inc.
The smallest Muslim communities are the Alawites and the Ismaili ("Sevener") Shi'a order.
I had a thirty sevener. A vinegar-soaked, oven-cooked beauty.
Historically, the term batiniyya is a designation for the religious worldview of the Ismailiyya, or Sevener Shia, a worldview that was later integrated into and transformed in Islamic mystical discourses.
If Shia, is he a Twelver or a Sevener, or perhaps from one of the Ismailite Assassin sub-sects, or an ultra-conservative Zaydiyah?