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Adj.1.76 - being six more than seventy76 - being six more than seventy    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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Though she had reached her seventy-sixth year, her face was still fresh, and her teeth had not decayed.
The Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance (including the Martha Graham Dance Company) will stage a gala tribute on April 18 to honor the seventy-sixth anniversary of the choreographer's first dance concert.
(With a delightful absence of self-awareness, Time magazine began its seventy-sixth year by running a cover of President John Travolta in his Primary Colors drag.) By late spring, the video panopticon of The Truman Show provided another metaphor: "With 57 channels on 24 hours a day," the president had become a "real-life equivalent" of Jim Carrey's Truman, Variety reported.