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 (sĕv′ər-ə-bəl, sĕv′rə-)
1. Capable of being severed or separated.
2. Law Capable of being separated into legally distinct rights or obligations that can be enforced independently, as in a contract where not all promises must be performed before legal action can be taken to enforce some portion.

sev′er·a·bil′i·ty n.


1. able to be severed
2. (Law) law capable of being separated, as a clause in an agreement: a severable contract.


(ˈsɛv ər ə bəl, ˈsɛv rə-)

1. capable of being severed.
2. Law. separable or capable of being treated as separate from a whole legal right or obligation.
sev`er•a•bil′i•ty, n.
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Adj.1.severable - capable of being divided or dissociated; "often drugs and crime are not dissociable"; "the siamese twins were not considered separable"; "a song...never conceived of as severable from the melody";
divisible - capable of being or liable to be divided or separated; "even numbers are divisible by two"; "the Americans fought a bloody war to prove that their nation is not divisible"
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Said declaration, as well as any other deed or plan, shall be liberally construed to facilitate the operation of the condo and its provisions shall be presumed to be independent and severable.
Judge O'Connor also ruled that the whole of PPACA is unconstitutional because the individual mandate is not severable. It is the linchpin of PPACA, as everybody agreed before the law was passed.
The Judge also ruled that the whole of ACA is unconstitutional because the individual mandate is not severable. It's the linchpin of ACA, as everybody agreed before the law was passed.
That portion of the law, he argued, is not severable from other provisions, and so the rest of the law must fall.
"Chief Justice Roberts could save [the ACA] one more time, but I could see [Justice] Kavanaugh voting to uphold the ACA as the question would likely be a question of severability of the individual mandate from the rest of the ACA, and I can see [Kavanaugh] holding it severable," he said.
Blue-pencil severance is reserved for rare cases where the text removed is clearly severable, trivial, and not part of the main purpose of the contract.
1999) (finding that the unconstitutional term limit language in citizens' initiative amendment relating to federal legislators was severable from the term limit language on state officials).
The FAR allows both severable and non-severable contracts to cross fiscal years; the former by the nature of non-severable services, the latter by statutory authority implemented in FAR 32.703-3 Contracts crossing fiscal years:
"As the relationship is not severable, it has been maintained and remained intact despite various troubles throughout history."
Are the components of the Facebook experience severable or not?
After years of litigation in federal court, the matter comes to us on the sole question of whether the unconstitutional provisions of the 2006 ordinance are severable from the remainder of the ordinance.