(sĕv′ər-əl-fōld′, sĕv′rəl-)
1. Having several parts or members.
2. Being several times as much or as many.

sev′er·al·fold′ adv.
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1. having several parts
2. several times as large as, as great as, or as many as something
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(ˈsɛv ər əlˌfoʊld, ˈsɛv rəl-)

1. comprising several parts or members.
2. several times as great or as much: a severalfold increase.
3. in severalfold measure.
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The 2008 DSB report even identified a prototype replacement for up-armored Humvees that offers severalfold gains in fuel efficiency, weight, and acceleration with greater lethality and greatly improved stability and protection--yet at comparable cost using integrative design and novel ultralight armor to reverse the normal assumption that efficiency increases costs.
As a formality, we should stress that the population size and economic potential of the Asian and Latin American counties is severalfold bigger than the population size and economic potential of the former European socialist countries covered here.
Psoriasis patients had increased prevalence ratios of systemic sclerosis and systemic lupus erythematosus; however, the magnitude of these increased risks was severalfold less than in the psoriatic arthritis patients, Ms.
The transition of MedKnow's journals, since 2001, to an open-access model has established a "circle of accessibility." Manuscript submissions have multiplied severalfold, and the rate of citation of previously published articles from MedKnow's archive, now easily accessible for the first time, is reported to have increased fivefold.
Vector control may have worsened the dengue situation in Singapore because overt dengue attack rates in the 1990s and early 2000s were severalfold higher than those in the 1960s.
The player's value, which might today be worth pounds 200,000, could increase severalfold if he were to stay.
At the time of monetary union, earnings in East Germany were about a third of those in West Germany, given the one-for-one exchange rate, having already risen by severalfold in ostmark terms up to June 1990.
As if these and other excesses were not enough, the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931 increased the pressure to rearm severalfold, as the plan's previous targets were raised to new heights.
Even the conservative Wall Street Journal has written that "intense heat waves alone are by 2050 likely to result in increases in death by cardiac and respiratory ills of several thousand per year." The UN's IPCC, based upon data from several North American cities, maintained that "The annual number of heat-related deaths would approximately double by 2020 and would increase severalfold by 2050."
Previous work had indicated that larval contents of DA and NE increase severalfold during the period of 4 or 5 days between hatching and attainment of maximal competence (Pires et al., 1997).
For households, however, the financial advantage of SSI over AFDC can be substantial, representing a severalfold increase in the cash benefit.
Given that the effective sizes of populations are typically severalfold smaller than their actual sizes, it appears that sexual populations as large as 103 individuals and asexual and obligately selfing populations perhaps as large as [10.sup.5] individuals are potential victims of the mutational meltdown.