sewage disposal

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Noun1.sewage disposal - the disposal of sewage
disposition, disposal - the act or means of getting rid of something
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Contract notice: Contract contract for the technical inspection activity of the project "northeast hungary~s sewage disposal and management development 3.
LAHORE -- The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) during a province-wide operation on Wednesday disposed of thousands of kilogram vegetables irrigated by sewage disposal.
We would like to warn you that the sewage disposal networks have been designed for domestic home use.
Its 18-month probe followed a change in how Altnagelvin was charged for sewage disposal.
According to a press release of KWSB issued here on Friday, MPA Naaz Baloch who was also present on the occasion, informed the Secretary Local Government and MD KWSB that the sewerage pumping stations in Lyari are working under the capacity causing overflow and decrease in sewage disposal from some areas and it requires immediate attention.
Two local businesses face steep fines from the state Department of Environmental Quality for violating Oregon environmental law related to sewage disposal.
An unactivated sewage disposal system is being blamed for raw sewage running through the streets of a district in Jeddah for the last ten days, which has brought angry complaints from local residents.
Upon completion, sewage disposal trucks in the city will no longer be needed.
It covers topics such as air quality, solid and hazardous waste management, water pollution, drinking water quality, sewage disposal, terrorism, and environmental health emergencies.
The Sovereign was given details about two renovation projects of water supply and sewage disposal networks, worth 104 million dirhams.
People living in tourist hotspots, including parts of the popular seaside village of Amroth and the small hamlet of Llanteg, are not connected to the main system and have to cover costs of sewage disposal themselves.
One of the biggest anomalies must be the pounds 300m annually given to India, which spends $1bn on its space programme while much of the Mumbai poor are in desperate need of a clean water supply and modern sewage disposal systems.