sewage disposal

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Noun1.sewage disposal - the disposal of sewage
disposition, disposal - the act or means of getting rid of something
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He said sewage disposal on the island is still under planning, and no such projects have been contracted out.
Dr Mirani informed that the preparation of building materials, smoke-emitting and unfit vehicles, industrial effluents and smokes or fumes, improper sewage disposal and uprooting of forested areas are the main causes of pollution and if no attention is paid in this direction, the people can suffer diseases.
LAHORE -- The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) during a province-wide operation on Wednesday disposed of thousands of kilogram vegetables irrigated by sewage disposal.
"We would like to warn you that the sewage disposal networks have been designed for domestic home use.
New York: Issue: 2016 Sewage Disposal and Refunding Bonds (Jamestown Charter Township) (General Obligation Limited Tax); Rating: Aaa; Rating Type: Underlying LT; Sale Amount: $3,085,000; Expected Sale Date: 03/23/2016; Rating Description: General Obligation Limited Tax;
Its 18-month probe followed a change in how Altnagelvin was charged for sewage disposal. Council interim chief Aodhan O'Donnell said: "It is great to think this money could make a real difference for patients.
Expressing displeasure over the situation, the MD KWSB directed the officials concerned to improve the sewage disposal system in the area.
Two local businesses face steep fines from the state Department of Environmental Quality for violating Oregon environmental law related to sewage disposal.
An unactivated sewage disposal system is being blamed for raw sewage running through the streets of a district in Jeddah for the last ten days, which has brought angry complaints from local residents.
Upon completion, sewage disposal trucks in the city will no longer be needed.
It covers topics such as air quality, solid and hazardous waste management, water pollution, drinking water quality, sewage disposal, terrorism, and environmental health emergencies.